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Others In The LGBT Movement Call For Action, Now


lakeside_Liberty_Bell-semithickOn February 8th, 2009, I posted my feelings that “It’s Time For A National LGBT Leader” to step forth, and then again on May 30th, I posted a comment about the LGBT Community and that “Now Is The Time” for us to organize and put pressure on those who promised us the rights we deserve and are entitled.

In both my previous posts, I stressed the need to act quickly and if we miss this opportunity we have only ourselves to blame.

Yesterday I received an email, it was the day for emails, from the Ohio LGBT Caucus, addressing similar issues and their perception on the urgency of this issue.

Subject: Sign our petition asking for action from our leaders in Washington!

With a Democratic President, a filibuster-proof Democratic majority in the Senate and a solid majority in the House, we have more pro-equality allies in Washington than ever before.

Now it’s time to hold them accountable to live up to their promises.

Will you help us ensure our Democratic leadership takes meaningful action to advance pro-equality legislation that was promised to Americans?

Stonewall Democrats and our network of more than 120 chapters across the country are doing everything we can to support those Democrats who stand for change we believe in, but we also need to stand up to those Democrats who cannot find the courage to speak out in support of basic fairness for LGBT Americans and our shared progressive values.

Sign our petition asking for action from our leaders in Washington:

We, the undersigned, are encouraged by the fact that there are more pro-equality Democrats in Washington than ever before.

As pro-equality Americans, we have worked hard over the years to elect strong Democratic majorities and a lot has been promised to us along the way.

But words ring hollow without action to back them up.

We require our Democratic leadership in Congress to take substantive action on our legislative priorities:

-A fully inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act

-The Uniting American Families Act

-Full repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

-Full repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act

-Public option health care reform legislation that is sensitive to the needs of LGBT families and those living with HIV/AIDS.

James Winnett

I am again glad to join this clarion call to action for I truly believe the words of Judge Learned Hand: “When liberty dies in the hearts of men, no constitution can bring it back.”

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