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Republicans Push Fear Of Socialized Health Care: But What Is Veteran’s Health Care And Medicare?


shape-writing_fabien_udr_01If you’ve been listening to all the “Lord Haw Haws” on Fox News over the last several days, you would have noticed the increase in rhetoric about “Universal Health Care.”

Of course, Glenn “Doughboy” Beck, “Vanity” Hannity and Bill “O’Really”, don’t stray far from the Hitler comparisons when describing President Obama and “socialism” when describing his administration’s programs.

The fear mongering on health care is absurd and especially when they say it’s “socialism” and the government “shouldn’t be in the health care business.”

Ask one of the 8 million Veterans who depend on the VA, Government run Health Care, and I’m sure the majority will tell you, as I do, it’s the best care for the buck.

So, if Veteran’s care is run by the Government, why don’t the “talking heads” at Fox News condemn this program and throw it into the fear of “socialism?”

Beck’s half baked ideas include stirring the fear of the Senior population on their possible loss of Medicare, but wait, isn’t that a Government run program?

I haven’t heard the “Haw Haws” go after this gem because it doesn’t fit into the “fear” machine, they don’t dare call it “socialism” if they want to keep the propaganda from breaking down.

And if the fear mongers at Fox News really feared Government run programs as dreaded “socialism”, then how come Social Security isn’t to be feared?

With all the “half baked” theories at Fox, “Doughboy” Beck should pass the cooking sherry and everyone have another sip.

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