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Vandals Damage Northfield Center Park


BeaconHillsParkPress Release: An open letter to Northfield Center Township Residents from their Board of Trustees.

“In the past few weeks there has been an escalation of vandalism at Crestwood and Beacon Hills Parks.

The problem at Crestwood has been generally limited to graffiti, but at Beacon Hills Park vandals have necessitated expensive repairs.

Last week someone destroyed a section of tennis court fencing and littered the courts with tree limbs. Basketball nets have been trashed.

In addition, Northfield Center has had to purchase special expensive paint to cover very obscene graffiti on the tennis courts.

Under normal circumstances these additional expenditures of your taxes would be bad enough, but to have to spend hard earned money in these financial times because of the action of a few is very aggravating, to say the least.

Please be advised that anyone found guilty of vandalism will have to pay for the damages they have done and if the perpetrators are minors, their parents will be financially responsible.

The Summit County Sheriff Deputies cannot be at these parks at all times. we need your help to catch these vandals.

Please call 911 immediately and your calls can remain anonymous if you wish, or phone the Town Hall at 330-467-7646 ext 7.”

DTD is pleased to pass this info on to our readers and support the efforts to catch those responsible for these vandalisms.

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