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Rush Stinks Up The Air Waves Again: “He Pitches Like A Girl”



The Bobster – Contributor

On my short drive to work, I get to listen to the radio. I choose to listen to talk radio so that I can maybe find out a different opinion on a topic. But alas, it is like slowing down to look at a car wreck.

Thursday, Rush Limbaugh started off with President Obama throwing “like a girl; he did not throw it out from the mound: the catcher was not in the box. ”

The funny part about this is that the video showed, from what I saw, not a great or really bad throw: the POTUS on the rubber: the catcher was in the box. It is a ceremonial first pitch!

Is it such a slow day that this is why callers had to punch the numbers on their phone?

So how close did Rush come to making a sexist and homophobic remark at the same time?

Time for Friday open lines – another car wreck to slow down and look at – at least it is only a twenty minute drive.

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  1. bassackwards permalink
    07/17/2009 9:24 am

    Well… let me put it this way. HE THROWS LIKE A GIRL. It was a a looper that bounced in front of the plate. It resembled something you’d see at a slow pitch softball game.

    It’s OK to criticize this guy. He isn’t God. It’s obvious by the polls, the “awe” is wearing off and being replaced by “shock.”

  2. NorskeDiv permalink
    05/20/2010 1:12 am

    Criticism is treason!! Especially of throwing abilities. Obama is the best Golfer, Pitcher, Runner, Swimmer ever. On his first ever trip to the golf course, Obama shot 38-under par, including 5 hole-in-ones!! Finally, America has a president who can compete with Kim Jong il’s amazing abilities!

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