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Letter To Editor, Warren Tribune Chronicle



Update: July 17, 2009. Tribune-Chronicle publishes letter.

Do read comments section and add your own.

26 June 2009

Dear Editor,

I write today in reference to the June 21st 2009, Letter to the Editor, “Say a Prayer and Let God Sort it Out.” It is not the letter that I wish to address but the on-line comments that this letter generated and especially those comments from 4th Ward candidate for City Council, Bob Cvengros.

The apparent bigotry and racial comments of this person is appalling, to say the least. As a former candidate for Ward 4 City Council, and first openly gay male to run for public office in Warren, I take offense and umbrage with the hatred and lack of respect he has shown to the cities LGBT Community.”

Also, several contributors to the on line site, have eluded to disturbing offensive remarks he may have made directed toward other minorities within the City.

Ward 4 has the largest LGBT Community residents, than any of the other ward, and it has two gay owned and operated businesses that contribute to the well being and growth of a struggling downtown.

There has been a strong, positive and productive “gay” presence in Warren since the early 1940’s and one of the Nations first gay establishment was located on Pine Avenue.

I have always been humbled by the overall respect and openness of the general public when I campaigned, volunteered or was asked to serve on any of the Mayors, both Hank Angelo and Mike O’Brien, committees.

As one who has worked closely with the Police and Fire Departments; Pastors and Churches; Community Service Groups and local Charities, I am pleased that his obvious racism and bigotry is a reflection of the minority and not the majority of the populace of the City of Warren.

His election to City Council would not be a positive or constructive dynamic in rebuilding and molding the future of Warren’s growth from decay.

Thank you,

Tristan Hand

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  1. elecpencil permalink
    07/06/2009 3:26 pm

    I don’t know Bob Cvengros nor do I care to know his small minded type. I wish homophobic racists like him would stay away from my children. I don’t want my kids subjected to such thoughts nor do I want a candidate like him to be a representative for me as nothing about him represents me.

    As for letter writers to the Trib I would get Carpal Tunnel System if I wrote responses to everyone I disagree with. I understand we have a lot of Alley Ooops in the area I just wish they’d stay in their caves.

  2. 07/07/2009 7:23 am

    Jim, thank you for your input. I too get frustrated with the letter writers to the “Trib” but more with those anon writers on the on-line site. Hiding behind fake names and spewing forth “garbliegook”. I think most of them have gone to the Glenn “Pillsbury Doughboy” Beck’s school of half baked ideas.

  3. 07/13/2009 5:02 pm

    I keep tearing off Letters to the Editor regarding the Business Incubator—two of them in the past two weeks—I don’t normally feel slighted, but when they don’t print my little bits of genius (sarcasm) and print letters requesting that people slow down when they drive or singing the praises of Michael Jackson, I start to feel unappreciated as a reader of that paper, online, who cares about serious issues.

    And we should put the word out to folks that when alleged candidates dig their own holes in the comments section, that people DO NOT report them so that they will remain on there for posterity’s sake.

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