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22 Thousand Die Each Year Because Their Uninsured


barattolo_di_pillole_arc_01Most everyone, unless you’re Rush Limbaugh and the “far-right”, agrees that our health care system is riddled with inefficiencies, excessive administrative expenses, inflated prices, poor management, and inappropriate care, waste and fraud. These problems significantly increase the cost of medical care and health insurance for employers and workers and affect the security of families.

Rush “Limburger” believes that there is no health care crisis in America and it is all a “hoax.” He’s even stated that the high cost of ER care is because “people exercise to much” and the have to use the ER for every “minor ache, scrape and pain.”

Health care spending in the United States is 4.3 times the amount spent on national defense and that should be alarming to both the right and the left.

Economist have found that the spiraling health care cost correlate to drops in health insurance coverage and several national surveys show that the primary reason people are uninsured is the high cost of health insurance coverage.

A Harvard University study has found,

“average out-of-pocket medical debt for those who filed for bankruptcy was $12 thousand dollars.”

That same study noted,

“68% of those who filed for bankruptcy had health insurance. 50% of all bankruptcy filings were partly the result of medical expenses. Every 30 seconds in the United States someone files for bankruptcy in the aftermath of a serious health problem.”

National figures also show that 1.5 million families lose their homes to foreclosure every year due to un-affordable medical costs.

The time has come to take action and bring Health Care costs in line and make it affordable.

In many ways, those who oppose Universal Health Care can be said to be in favor of “assisted suicide,” for without a change to our present Health Care system, more will die because they can’t afford the cost and according to Physicians for a National Health Care Program, 22,000 people die each year because of being uninsured.

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  1. 07/20/2009 2:11 pm

    I must divorce my terminally ill wife of 31 years of marriage because we can no longer pay her health insurance policy at 9,000.00 per year and her required co payments of 5,000.00 a year we are both disabled and our family healthcare costs for 2008 were 21,000.00. As a country over government don’t even take care of our wounded returning solders, I think Obama’s reverend Wrights comments concerning America were right on.

  2. 1morecurtis permalink
    09/04/2009 8:24 am

    We can and should “trim the fat”, and there is a lot of fat to trim but …

    Health care costs are snowballing – growing at an ever increasing rate.

    There is a limit to waste elimination. There is no limit to the wonderful advances in medicine. Some of the new treatments and procedures reduce costs, but most introduce new and dramatic increases. In my lifetime –

    Open heart surgery

    Joint replacement


    Organ transplant

    The list goes on and on, and it continues to grow. So does the cost. It’s natural to want the best health care possible for ourselves and loved ones, but it has gotten to the point where best practices cost more than some of us earn in a lifetime.

    I’m hoping that we get practical on this issue. We can, and should have quality health care for all citizens. We cannot afford to provide unlimited health services to all.

    So let’s do what we can!

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