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Republican’s Don’t Want Government Envolved With Health Care But Yet They Already Are Envolved, Just Ask A Vet


stethoscope_eric_maeker_01The Republican machine is in high gear, you can hear the whine everywhere, from Congressman Bonner to Rush Limbaugh, they cry that President Obama’s Health Care is “Un-American” or “We don’t need Government acting as a middle man” and “What does the Government know about health care?”

I have a simple statement that asks them a question.

Doesn’t the Government run Health Care for the military and doesn’t the Government run the Health Care for Veterans who are out of the military?

The answer is yes and they provide it quiet well, so in essence they already provide affordable Health Care for millions of Americans.

What makes the Republican’s feel that this doesn’t qualify the Government as being able to provide quality Health Care Services to the general public as well?

As a Vet who has my Health Care through the Government, and the Veteran’s Administration, I’m grateful for this program and see for myself the quality care I receive from a Government run program.

One other question to my Republican friends.

If you feel that the Government can’t run the Nation’s Health Care System then you must feel that the Government can’t run the Nation’s Military and that needs to be privatized, say with Black Water in charge?

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  1. Colby Carr permalink
    06/18/2009 5:44 pm

    The epublican Party feels that the national government is taking over things that are unnecessary to be taking over. Banks, Auto Industries, etc, and now health insurance? If you look at the Congressional udget Office’s statistics for the cost of the proposed healthcare program, you will see that it estimates that it will add approzimately 1 trillion dollars to the federal deficit. The CBO’s estimates are usually lower than the actual outcome. The government-run helathcare program will eventually drive private insurance providers out of business and will leave th American people with less choices when it comes to healthcare providers. Please look at the UNBIASED statistics and rethink your ideas about government-run helathcare. One more thing, I would’nt listen to the OMB’s statistics, you know, President Obama’s budget office, because you know it won’t be accurate.

  2. jdalley permalink
    06/18/2009 8:45 pm

    It doesn’t matter if they provide good health care now. Look at the postal system. We commonly have hour long lines. Can you imagine HOUR long lines for health care. If the government starts to control ALL health care, which they will if we don’t stop them, then that will happen. the government needs to get out of the free market.

  3. grumpajoesplace permalink
    06/18/2009 8:57 pm

    You are absolutely correct, the government runs the VA. They have done so since WWII. If you recall sir, President Bill Clinton began dismantling the VA after the Reagan years. His rationalle was that since the Cold War was over, and all the WWII vets were dying off, we didn’t need the VA anymore. The result was the VA fell into a sad state of affairs. It wasn’t until Iraq, that the problems surfaced and President GWB had to resurrect the service for our vets.
    Ask a new vet how he feels about government run VA? It is a joke. We ask our kids to fight our wars then we tell them to pay for their own healthcare (An Obama proposal that died real quick).
    The VA is a good example of how universal health care system will work. They ration service and send Vets to their private carriers at every chance.

  4. andy1701 permalink
    06/18/2009 11:13 pm

    To jdalley:
    Not only can I imagine hour long lines for health care — I have waited much much longer for a doctor’s appointment in our current system.

    We need reform that will make sure everyone — including those with pre-existing conditions — has access to affordable health insurance. Aren’t we all endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights — like the right to life.

  5. grumpajoesplace permalink
    06/19/2009 10:18 am

    The right to life does not assume a bottomless pit of money to keep it going. There comes a time when one has to let nature take it’s course.
    How much do you pay for the right to wait in endless lines? Would you like to pay more? Do you believe it is your right to tax the whole population to pay for your wait?

  6. andy1701 permalink
    06/19/2009 2:18 pm

    I waited in private doctor’s office using private health insurance through my employer for which I paid almost 1/3 of the premiums — not to count the deductible and co-insurance.

    Granted we cannot afford to pay for heroic treatment at the end of life for everyone, but I bet we already pay enough to make sure everyone can get into a clinic when they are sick — instead of going to the emergency room. Or to get proper treatment for chronic diseases such as diabetes so we don;t have to pay for more expensive options when the diseases get out of control.

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