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Pausing To Remember D-Day And My Parents


flag-cIn our family the war, WWII, wasn’t talked about very much, so the memories I have of my parents and their part in that event of world history, comes from listening to their general conversations over many years.

I have many of my parents documents from that era, along with a few photos, showing their status, rank and duties, but only the memories of childhood discussions that can tell the passion of my parents past.

Like many of the World War II veterans, my parents are gone, so only the photos, documents and a few stories remain.

Dad was stationed in Oxford England with the 8th Army Air Corp and my Mom was a Control Tower Operator with the WRAF stationed at RAF Kidlington.

imag0154As a side note, my English grandfather, who had served in the Calvary in France during WWI, was a firefighter on the Liverpool Docks and survived, along with the rest of our family, the German blitz.

After D-Day I know my father went on to Belgium and an air base that had been liberated from the Germans. I remember only one story from that part of his life, and it had to do with a “booby trap” set near his bomber. His somber reflection on that event made a lasting impression on me as a young child.

Dad related that the crew was standing around the plane waiting to board for a mission, when my father was called away to HQ. As he was returning, and was a far distance away from the plane, he saw one of his crew approach a black box sitting near the bomber.

At this point Dad’s eyes were misty as he shared that the young crewman kick the box, which then exploded. I still remember the silence in the room as Dad paused and stopped. The story over.

So today I pause and remember the many who played a part in the liberation of Europe with the invasion of Normandy. As I pause to remember, I also include my Father and Mother, for their devotion and love of their Country helped bring about this day.

The guns on the beaches are silent, the planes fly no more and many of the young men and women from that age will never see the sunrise again but may we in their memory never forget the sacrifice.

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