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Warren Ohio: “Victory Garden,” Another Shepherding Project That Reinforces Residents Concern For Community


ravanello_architetto_fra_01Some local leaders of the City of Warren, Ohio, have stated that the “demise” of the City is simple, they believe that the “residents” of Warren are the “problem”, along with their lack of “education.”

Yet time and time again, the community comes together in a display that debunks those who would not see their sacrifices and which make such statements offensive.

Whether it be the overall “Downtown City Cleanup” or the re-starting of the Courthouse fountain, many are concerned and involved. Yes they may not belong to the “clique”, have a “family name” or the financial where for all to make the local “happy hours” but they are concerned.

I will agree that there doesn’t seem to be a mass movement to join in on the City lead projects but in the local communities of Southwest, Northwest, Southeast and Northeast, you will see the simple “genuine love” for the City of Warren.

For the last two years, as Dare To Dream readers know, we have been championing the “Shepherding” concept for all areas of the City. From empty store front windows, empty buildings on the Square, the parks and even empty neighborhood lots, “Shepherding” is a outward expression of an inner spirit.

Recently Rod Hathhorn, resident on the Northeast side, took the “Shepherding” concept into action and the “Vine Avenue Project” was born and even got national exposure.

The Historic Perkins Homestead Association, The Northwest Association, Burbank Park (as examples) and so many others show that “residents” are far from being the “scapegoat” of the problem but are the “grass root” efforts in making any progress happen.

On Wednesday, May 27th, 2009, another step in the “Shepherding” concept for a Warren area will take place, Community Victory Gardens 2009.

The concept is that of 81 year old Mary Ann Franklin and is simple and direct. Make vacant lots “bloom” into a garden project and especially the approximately 5 acres around Horace Mann School.

It’s been a dream of mine here for many years (almost 30). All the land looked like it was going to waste.

The Community Victory Gardens 2009 is being sponsored by the Community Concerned Citizens and they are inviting all of Warren to join the residents of SW Warren in raising and growing their own fresh fruits and vegetables.

Those interested can sign up, participation is first come, at the Warren City Schools Offices, Greater Warren-Youngstown Urban League and with any member of the Community Concerned Citizens organization.

For those who are first in sign up, they will receive a Free 15’x30′ plowed, disc and fertilized plot; Free garden workshops provided by the Ohio University Extension Master Gardeners; Individual consultation by the Master Gardeners during the growing season; Each family will receive five packs of different garden seeds; Use of garden tools to tend your plot and information on preparation and preservation of your produce.

The Community Victory Gardens 2009 is another example of promoting neighborhood development and pride as well as helping reduce family food cost during this economic downturn, just as the Victory Gardens did in the 1940’s.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Victory Gardens 2009 will be Wednesday, May 27th, 10:00 am at the Horace Mann Elementary School (rear of school on York), Austin Avenue SW, Warren.

If Warren residents are the “problem” then I hope that more of these “problem” residents have their ideas happen like Rod and Mary Ann.

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  1. elecpencil permalink
    05/23/2009 11:01 pm

    Tristan ~ I am glad to see citizens of Warren having some pride in their city. I lived on the SE side from 1980-1994. I watched my neighborhood go down hill as more and more of the seniors in my neighborhood died and the out of town inheritors turned the properties into absentee landlord rental properties. At a block party in 1993 I talked with neighbors about litter, breakins, loud music, speeding through the stop sign in front of my house, monthly drunk drivers ripping up the ditches around my house etc. My neighbors told me I should expect litter and stop sign violations because I lived on a corner. They suggested I do as they did and close the blinds and ignore everything. A hilly billy moved in behind me and had junk cars in the yard and had the nerve to complain about another neighbor because he was black. My kids played with the black neighbors kids and they were my nicest neighbors. After a few more efforts to improve the neighborhood that went no where I moved to Vienna before my son started first grade in 1994.

  2. Joanne O'Brien permalink
    01/25/2011 2:16 pm

    Great idea….can someone help me with ideas in my city?440 537 3600 thank you

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