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Ohio LGBT And Ohio Dems A Strong Team


mcol_rainbow1Yesterday Dare To Dream, along with members of the Ohio LGBT Caucus, received an informative and uplifting email from James Winnett, Ohio Democratic LGBT Caucus Director.

We would like to share that email with DTD readers.

Our time for change has come!

The Ohio LGBT community worked side by side with the Ohio Democratic Party to make change like never before in Ohio.

In 2006, thousands of us hit the streets, opened our pocketbooks, and persuaded everyone we knew to elect a new generation of leaders with Governor Ted Strickland, Senator Sherrod Brown and Democrats at all levels of state and local government.

A new chapter began for our LGBT families in Ohio that year. Then, just two years later, we stood and worked as proud Democrats, securing wins from the top to the bottom of the ballot all across this great state. On Election Day in 2008, nine states “flipped” from voting for George Bush in 2004 to voting for President Obama. But Ohio by far had the strongest performance in winning elections from the top of the ticket on down.

These “down ticket” wins came from the hard work of you and others, and the strong commitment of the Ohio Democratic Party to build an organization that went deeper and further than ever before, including an increased and profound engagement with the LGBT community.

In addition to the Presidency, pro-equality Democrats won in Ohio: * U.S. House: Ohio elected three (+3) new U.S. House Democrats, flipping the delegation to majority Democrat (10-8). Only Virginia gained as many U.S. House seats in 2008 for states that flipped to Obama. * State House: Ohio Democrats won a net of seven (+7) seats in the State House of Representatives, giving Democrats control of that chamber for the first time since 1994.

This was the largest state legislative gain by any state in the country in 2008 of those 9 flip states and these wins changed the balance of power into Democratic hands in Columbus. Our community sent a clear message to Ohio Republicans that we will not stand for their hatred, their bigoted attacks or their repeated attempts to divide us.

We proved that the majority of Ohioans agree with us — that everyone deserves respect, a fair shot at the American Dream, and safety and security for themselves and their families. But we can’t stop now.

In 2009 our time has truly come with Democratic majorities at the state and Federal level. We’re making real change for our families, providing the basic protections we deserve and inspiring pride in our home state like never before.

Here’s just one example you may not have heard about: Just yesterday every single Democrat in the Ohio Congressional delegation voted in favor of passing the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

True to form, every single Republican member of the Ohio delegation voted “NO.”

Please call the Congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for the following members of our Democratic Congressional Delegation to thank them for standing up our community and our families: Congressman Steve Driehaus; Congressman Charlie Wilson; Congresswomen Marcy Kaptur; Congressman Dennis Kucinich; Congresswoman Marcia Fudge; Congresswoman Betty Sutton; Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy; Congressman John Boccieri; Congressman Tim Ryan and Congressman Zach Space.

Our time for change has come and, with your continued support and engagement, we will continue to build an Ohio led by Democrats and an Ohio that serves, represents, and protects all Ohio families. Since our historic top to bottom wins last November, our Democratic officials continue to stand with the LGBT Community and our families. But now is not the time to let up.

The Ohio Democratic Party keeps working and organizing day in and day out to ensure our gains are held and expanded in 2010. Stay tuned for more victories for our community and ways you can continue to help.

Thank you,

James Winnett Ohio Democratic Party LGBT Caucus Director

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