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Specter Leaves GOP: Dare To Dream November Post Predicted Demise



Back on November 13th, 2008, just after the general election, Dare To Dream posted a comment on where might the Republican Party be headed.

It seems that DTD was rather prophetic in that post for we have seen, over the first couple of months of this year, a struggle to control the GOP.

We re-posted last month and now with Pennsylvania’s Senator Arlen Specter leaving the GOP yesterday, to return to the Democrat Party, we felt compelled to edit and post again.

Here is the re-post of that posting:

This post is more about Barry Goldwater’s ideas, and the possibilities of a strong third “Party” coming out of the 2008 election, then about the late Senator, tho I wish I still had my “In Your Heart You Know He’s Right” button from 1964.

I was fortunate to meet the Arizona Senator at the London Kentucky airport rally in the fall of 1964 while I was attending Union College in nearby Barbourville Kentucky.

It is Goldwater’s ideas of “Economic Freedom, Constitutional Liberty and Educational Opportunity” that might return and be the base of a “new” strong third party after the defeat of the Republicans in 2008.

With the “far right” Christian fraction hijacking the platform of the GOP, and supporting the very under qualified Sarah Palin, many of the “moderate Republicans”, along with “Reagan Democrats”, may find themselves moving to “smaller government, less taxes plus staying out of people’s private lives” and thereby becoming more like a “Libertarian Republican.”

Goldwater once stated that if

fellows like Pat Robertson and others…make a religious organization out of it (Republican Party). If that ever happens, kiss politics goodbye.

It would appear that these words from “Mr. Conservative” were very prophetic and it would appear that Arlen Specter agrees.

California’s Prop 8 would have been appalling to Goldwater who would have felt that discriminating against gays would be constitutionally wrong. During the Clinton era, and the issue of gays in the military, Goldwater stated

…why in the hell shouldn’t they serve? They’re American citizens…

and “…shooting straight” was more of important issue than gay or straight.

So the question now will be, does the Republican Party re-structure and take the grip away from the “Christian Bible” wing of the party or does a movement towards a “new” third party with a return to a basic belief?

A belief in the dignity of individuals, that America has grown great through the initiatives and ambitions of all her citizens, and, that while the legitimate functions of government are conducive to freedom that unrestrained government has proved to thwart individual liberty.

If the Republican Party doesn’t find their way back to some sort of sanity, then as we stated once before, watching the Republican’s is like watching NASCAR and waiting for the 23 car accident, but at least this morning there is ones less car wearing the GOP colors.

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  1. 04/30/2009 2:25 am

    That party exists. It’s called the Libertarian Party.

  2. 04/30/2009 9:01 am

    My hat is off to Sen. Specter. The man is getting grief from a lot of people who maintain that his decision is entirely self-serving. The senator was forthright in admitting that the decision had much to do with self-preservation. I admire his honesty in that regard. I have no reason to believe that he was not being just as honest when he talked about his ideology now being more in line with that of the Democratic Party than that of the Republicans for the very reasons espoused in your post. While every single right-wing talk show host, the Chairman of the Republican Party and republican members of Congress could be expected to trash Senator Specter for his “lack of principles,” I was surprised to hear Chris Matthews, whom I think is best characterized as a “middle-left” guy and others on the extreme left also being critical of Specter’s move.

    Those of us who write for Dare To Dream are probably best characterized as “broader-minded progressives.” I doubt that you’ll see any of us trashing Senator Specter. While the Senator is a tad conservative for my political taste, I believe that he is thoughtful and has our country’s best interest at heart. I welcome his decision.

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