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Tempest In A Tea Pot Didn’t Draw Many Tea Baggers


johnny_automatic_teapotIt would appear, according to CNN News, that an estimated crowd of around 250 thousand gathered, nationwide, to be a part of the Fox News adventure called “Tea Parties” to protest President Obama, Democrats and Taxes.

In a wonderful post this morning in the Democratic Underground, Steven Leser posted an excellent article dealing with the “tea bagging” protests and also about the so called “fair and balance” coverage of Fox News.

As I posted yesterday, I had my Earl Grey tea and then proceeded to throw my tea bags into the compost. I want to state that I also had to fight using any puns in yesterday’s post about the modern definition of “tea bagging.” If you have any questions please check the “urban dictionary.”

Here’s a little Dare To Dream “Tidbit” I will share.

16 years ago on April 25th, 1993, Bob and I attended the LGBT March on Washington DC, where nearly 1 million gathered in support of “gay” rights and the fight against Aids/HIV.

I find it heartening that the LGBT Community, along with it’s supporters, can gather more people in ONE spot than Fox News and the Republican Party can gather across the Nation.

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