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I’m Drinking My Tea Today


ehandGeneral Edward Hand. Adjutant General Continental Army; Commander Fort Pitt; Pennsylvania Member to the Continental Congress 1782.

I think that my distant Irish relative would agree with my attitude today when it comes to the so-called Fox Nationwide Tea Parties, just drink my tea and laugh.

So as I sit here writing, sipping my earl grey tea and then throwing the tea bags into the compost.

Fox’s Hannity proclaimed last night that he would be covering the “Atlanta Party” and “if it wasn’t for having to cover the event, I would still be there as a concerned American.”

Dribble! Whatever happened to a News persons objectivity and non partisan approach.

This so-called grass root event, which has been high jacked by Fox news from the Libertarians and Ron Paul, misses the main point.

The original Boston Tea Party was a statement about “taxation without representation” and the last time I looked we have “representation” in the decision making of the Nation’s taxes.

Granted, Republicans are now in the minority and they don’t like it. The taste doesn’t set well but my comment is that for 8 years “we the people” had to put up with the same vile in our mouths and Republican Fox News Readers didn’t care when they got their tax breaks from the Bush team. In fact, their taxes (those making 100 thousand dollars or more) are being brought back to the Reagan era.

I owed a 100 dollars this year in tax and sent it in. Bob owes and sent it in. We may not like having to pay taxes, and we probably would be better off if we were able to file jointly, but we PAY them and if we want to “bitch” then we can talk to our Representatives in Congress for we have “taxation” with “representation.”

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  1. mbarefield permalink
    04/16/2009 11:42 am

    Well, it is now the day after. The “silent majority” in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Virginia’s largest city, in the heart of it’s largest metropolitan area comprising the seven cities of Hampton Roads has spoken. 700 people showed up. LOL

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