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Libbutnotsoc Crumpets With Your Tea?


zeimusu_george_washingtonAs I looked around the blogoshphere this morning, I realized that there is little to be said about tomorrow’s “Tax Day Tea Parties,” which will be occurring in towns across the country that has not already been said. For anyone who may have been stranded on a desert island: There is a movement afoot, a grassroots movement to hear its participants tell it, to send Washington a message that the “silent majority” will remain silent no longer with regard to the massive government spending to fund the Toxic Assets Recovery Plan (TARP), the Economic Recovery Plan passed by congress, also known as the ‘”Stimulus Package” and President Obama’s budget. These protests are being billed as “non-partisan” by the organizers and have been spearheaded by Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck. Have a look at the video for Beck’s “Thomas Paine” advertisement for the protests if you can stomach it.

Although misrepresentations have clearly come from the right with regard to the subject matter of these protests (among other things), not the least of which is that people who hold the “small government at any cost” philosophy make up a majority, there has also been at least one assertion from the left, which, while it is potentially true, must remain characterized as questionable, yet was published and blogged about as fact; and it’s pretty big, actually. See Playboy Dips A Toe Into Investigating Reporting.

What’s on my mind this morning is the state of discourse after reading through several blogs and the associated comments. I’m just sick to death of people’s being unable or unwilling to disagree in a civil way. I detest the idealogy and dangerous rants of the conspiracy theorists and melodramatic prophets of doom who will be having tea tomorrow, but I do not detest the people who hold those misguided views. I wish that we could learn to discuss our differences in a more civil way. Indeed, if I could only find that recipe for my “Liberal But Not Socialist” (Libbutnotsoc) crumpets, I’d bake some and head for Virginia Beach or Newport News tomorrow and serve my misguided, but nonetheless beloved, conservative brothers and sisters some crumpets with their tea.

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