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For The Beauty Of The Earth, Happy Easter


tulips_gansonIt’s Easter morning and as a Christian it is a time to rejoice and to celebrate the “Risen Lord” but Easter morning is also a sad time for me.

15 years ago a family tradition was ended. Very early every Easter morning my phone would ring, and at the other end would be the lilting English accent of my Mom stating, “Christ the Lord is risen today” and in response I would answer, “He has risen indeed.”

Mom’s gone now and every Easter morn since her passing, I still get up early, as tho to wait for a call that never comes.

But it does.

Not in the physical sense of the phone actually ringing and hearing her voice but in my mind I go through the routine, the symbolism and it brings me peace.

This Easter was no different as I sit and write this post.

It’s a beautiful morning. The sun is shinning and it’s almost that perfect photo of what Easter Day is suppose to be.

I still can hear my Father’s Easter sermons from my youth and the joy our family felt on this day.

Since the closing of our business, Bob and I have had the traditional Easter meal with just us and the “kids” but for the 10 years that the Queen of Hearts was in business, we would set out a free Easter buffet for our patrons.

We tried, on this day in particular, to bring God’s love to all his people. When other families rejected their “gay” child in the name of Christ, we opened our hearts and business to show, in His name, compassion and love, because as a Christian, you HAVE to believe “He died and was risen” for ALL.

Bob and I received a lovely email yesterday with a Easter blessing that I would like to share:

I trust you and yours enjoy the same renewal of life at this time of year that show the timeless pattern of the earthly and the spiritual.

There is a hymn that I especially loved to hear on Easter and my Father always seemed to have the choir sing it before the sermon. I include it now via youtube along with our Easter wishes to you and yours.


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