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Vine Street Project A Great Example Of Shepherding


img_9163-gardensMany times on Dare To Dream, and even when I was campaigning for City Council in Warren, one concept I kept, and still do come back to, is the idea of “Shepherding” vacant lots, store fronts, parks and what others might think as “waste land.”

In DTD previous posts we’ve pointed out such examples of shepherding across Warren that only took the time and effort to make it happen.

Whether it be parks like Burbank, empty store fronts or neighborhood vacant lots, Shepherding is a win win situation for all concerned and the City of Warren in particular.

In yesterday’s post on the “Vine Street Project”, you can see a great example of local neighborhoods using the shepherding method to bring about a better “quality of life” for all those concerned and beyond just their neighborhood.

The main driving force behind the effort on Vine is a Vine Street resident, Rod Hathhorn.

Last Summer Rod “shepherded” about 7 properties by keeping front and back lawns mowed. His concept of this neighborhood project is even more ambitious and includes

…plant(ing) gardens on all of these vacant lots and give away the food to neighbors, the mission, anyone, regardless of need.

Rod’s idea comes from Isaiah,

Isaiah lived in the late eighth century BC. He was part of the upper class but urged care of the downtrodden.

I got to thinking that we have a beautiful river valley that could grow whatever we put forth with very little effort…Now I see that there are others in the world that do this and it’s fascinating to me.

As Dare To Dream has stated before, “Shepherding is a Time That Has Come.”

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  1. Bill permalink
    04/10/2009 3:15 pm

    We are trying to do this in our Perkins Neighborhood in Warren.

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