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Vine Street To Do Clean-up And Dumpster Day


img_1026-vine-stDTD has heard from several people, including 4th Ward Warren City Councilwomen Marti Morn, that residents in the Vine Street area want to take some action in clean-up of their neighborhood.

Residents called the Councilwomen to take a tour of 680 Vine Street, which is a beautiful old abandoned house, to view and see the work they need to do in clean-up.

680vine1Presently the neighborhood has been keeping the front yard mowed but someone has broken down the fence to the backyard and broke into the back door of the dwelling.

According to an email from the Councilwomen to DTD,

It’s a mess. Garbage all over the garage, back deck and yard. Neighbors said they will clean it up but needed a way to dispose of the trash. They also will clean-up the bike trail.

Morn is waiting to hear word on the funding sometime this week for the project.

Waiting on some funding for the dumpster from the City Sanitation and Health Department plus Trumbull 100 is offering money for clean-ups and we’re waiting for the application.

Tentatively the CLEAN-UP/DUMPSTER Day is scheduled April 25th, if the funding comes through, and residents will distribute flyers in the neighborhood announcing the clean-up and asking for help.

Beside the clean-up of the area and bike trail, neighbors will be able to take advantage of the dumpster by disposal of their trash.

DTD applauds the neighborhood for their course of action and determination.

Also a thank you to Rod Hathhorn, who lives in the neighborhood and part of the force behind the clean-up, for the photos.

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