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Maybe Watching the GOP Is Better Than Watching NASCAR


dodge_neon_green_gansonYesterday I posted that “Watching the GOP is Like Watching NASCAR and Waiting for the Accident to Happen”, just waiting for that 23 car pile up somewhere on the track.

This morning I have to add that it might be even better than NASCAR.

It’s a close race in up State New York and that special election to replace newly appointed Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

As of this posting, with 10 thousand absentee ballots to be counted, Democrat Scott Murphy led his Republican rival Jim Tedisco by just 65 votes out of 155 thousand votes casted.

This election could be an indicator nationally on how the electorate feels about Republican candidates and their leadership compared to President Obama and his leadership.

In a district where Republicans have a 60 thousand plus majority in registered voters, this was theirs to lose, and apparently they did.

Even if the Republican candidate wins, after the absentees are counted, it will be interesting to see how Rush “Limburger” stinks up the air waves and Bill “O’Really” who touts that the “spin stops here”, spin this in to a positive for the GOP after starting out with a 60 thousand plus advantage.

In other “Tidbits”: National Republican Party replaces Governor Palin as keynote speaker for a June event and replaces her with Newt Gingrich.

Right after the election, DTD posted that the Republican Party may have to return to the Libertarian values of Barry Goldwater and it seems that they might be giving that a shot.

On Hardball last night, it was mentioned that the GOP has started showing the 1964 speech, “A Time For Choosing” given by Ronald Reagan in support of Barry Goldwater.

Final “tidbit” is the fact that the Republican Party will unveil their budget, you know, the one they unveiled last week with no figures.

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  1. 04/02/2009 11:29 am

    It’s very interesting to me on a personal level that you chose to compare watching the republican party to watching a NASCAR race. One of the biggest disappointments for my late father in adapting to his “alien son” (that is, yours truly) was that he loved NASCAR and I found it terribly boring. I still do. I’m also bored with watching the republicans stumble around, although I confess it is somewhat more amusing than watching cars drive around in a big circle if only because it is far less predictable and a major wreck is nearly certain. I am always amazed that when the local sports bar is televising a NASCAR race, it’s packed with fans. It’s just so hard for someone like me to understand how something that I find so horribly uninteresting and lacking in substance can appeal to such a phenomenal number of people. Of course, I feel exactly the same way about the republican party. So, from my perspective, your comparison is not only interesting because of my father’s love of the sport and my disdain for it, but also spot on accurate.

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