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Watching The GOP Is Like Watching NASCAR And Waiting For The Accidents To Happen


dodge_neon_pink_gansonIt’s becoming an obsession watching the Republicans, and their minions, over these past couple of weeks and wondering what foot in mouth or verbal shooting of the wounded will take place.

As I watch Michael Steele making the rounds of TV interviews and not sure what he’s stating; Sarah Palin in her off the cuff statements who to pray with or not; John McCain trying not support Palin for the 2012 GOP candidate; GOP House members unveiling a budget with no figures; Bill O’Reilly interviews of Rove or Gingrich about stopping Al Qaida in Afganistan when they said that they were being defeated in Iraq and lastly hearing the tirades of Rush Limbaugh, I’ve been thinking it’s like watching the movie the Greatest Show On Earth, knowing that a train wreck is about to happen.

But that doesn’t explain the obsession to watch.

Most of the “talking heads” on the so called news shows have been comparing what the GOP has been doing to “shooting at themselves while in a circle.”

Then it came to me that the obsession is like going to a NASCAR or Indy Race and waiting for the accident. You just got to keep watching and waiting for that 23 car pile up somewhere on the course.

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