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LaTourette Introduces Bill On AIG Bailout. Where Were You On The First Two Payments?


12132598371It’s fitting that Congressman Steve LaTourette introduced his “new” bill on Saint Patrick’s Day, as he now seems to have the rainbow and is chasing the pot ‘o gold.

According to the Congressman’s web site, LaTourette introduced legislation, on March 17th, 2009, called the “resolution of inquiry” and would have the Secretary of Treasury provide documents, records and communications about AIG.

The Ohio 14th Congressional District web site states that the legislation

“Demands the following information: (1) negotiation(s) concerning the controlled break-up of AIG into at least three government-controlled divisions; (2) negotiation(s) concerning the need for an addtional $30 billion from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TRAP) funds [PL 110-345 Section 2]; (3) government communications and authorizations for payment of pre-existing bonus contracts with AIG executives.”

We applaud the Congressman and his indignation towards the bonuses of AIG, plus more bailout money being given to them, but where was he when AIG asked for, and received, two payments before the Obama administration took office?

It’s a shame that the Congressman now finds his voice when two pots ‘o gold have already been squandered on the Republican administration’s watch.

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