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I Feel “Left” Out, I’m Not On The List and I Want On The List


shape-writing_fabien_udr_011Last night on Count Down, with Keith Olbermann, he briefly mentioned something about Red and Erick Erickson assertion, or as Erickson puts it, “pointing out”, the collaboration of an email list “between left wing bloggers, lefty policy guys, and regular run of the mill MSM reporters.”

I didn’t put much thought into at that time since Fox News always got their daily Roveian “talking points” from the Chaney and Bush White House.

Never having heard of Red before, I went to take a look this morning and I can testify that “conspiracy” mania runs rampant.

I particularly liked Erickson’s statement on his blog about Olbermann “attacking” him last night on that “channel no one watches.” He then goes on to state that because of the denials and “defensiveness” this was “direct evidence of collaboration between left wing bloggers and reporters.”

Oh my.

First, let’s state that you must of watched “that channel no one watches”, or all your info is just hear say, like the facts you are spewing forth.

It’s always interesting when the “far right” cry “they got a list”, for it is the “right” that has the most experience in developing lists.

Erick, can you say Nixon and “hit list”, or Joe McCarthy and “blacklist” and how about Bush’s list of reporters to call on at press conferences.

I for one thank you for feeling so threatened over the idea that a list might be real and now I have to figure out how do I get on it.

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