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Blackwell: The New GOP Head?


1213259837With all the “talking heads” on the morning “news” shows talking of Michael Steele’s demise as head of the RNC, one has to wonder what is going through the mind of Ohio’s Kenneth Blackwell.

Steele’s off handed comments about abortion and gays is not setting well with the “core” base of the Republican Party and as we have discussed before on DTD, many of the moderate Republicans, along with the so called Reagan Democrats, are being “turned off and tuned out” by the far right of the party.

As the “RHINOs” search in vain for a comfortable spot in the party, the conservative wing is mounting an outright attack on anything centrist or moderate.

Limbaugh and Palin seem to be leading this “Charge of the Light Brigade” but they need help at the helm of the Republican National Committee.

If the RNC, at their end of March meeting ousts Michael Steele, it would seem logical that they would take a long look at former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell as the successor for Chairman.

Blackwell is a favorite among Ohio’s Christian “fringe”, ardently opposed to a women’s right to choose and is highly bigoted against the LGBT Community. All of which plays well in the Limbaugh and Palin orchestra of “hate politics.”

A side note, the RNC would find it easier to replace the first elected black RNC Chair with someone who is also black and dropped out in favor of Steele durring the last RNC election for Chair.

Limbaugh and Palin talk about “saving conservatism” and I have to go back to something I stated almost a year ago, “Barry Goldwater must be rolling in his grave” for the “conservative movement” that I grew up with was simple: “Small government, strong military, less taxes and stay out of personal lives.”

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  1. elecpencil permalink
    03/15/2009 5:36 pm

    Blackwell is a small minded bigot who doesn’t care if voters votes are counted. In other words he would make a great leader for what the GOP has become. They deserve one another. Michael Steel is proving he is to opened minded for his party and won’t be around much longer.

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