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Pastor Warren, Deep Dish Or Thin Crust?


This is a re-post of a popular and highly visited posting from December:

Steve Young’s posting in The Huffington Post reports a story that mega church Pastor Rick Warren, in an interview with NBC’s Ann Currey, compared the idea of gay marriage to the love of pizza and then stated “but I don’t want to marry it.”

It would appear that President-elect Obama’s invite to do the Invocation at next months Inaugural Ceremony has emboldened this controversial far-right fear monger and enemy of equal rights.

I’m not a great admirer of Barney Frank, but he too has an excellent “op-ed” in the Huffington Post that you might want to read.

There is some good news out of California.

State Attorney General, Jerry Brown, who favored the passage of Prop 8 now has done an “about face” and has gone on record saying that the State Supreme Court should repeal the Passage of that Proposition.

I spent a lot of time this morning dwelling over this post and I was leaning to some satire on the “pizza” comment but it speaks for itself, tho I must admit that it would be interesting if Pastor Warren would clarify whether the pizza he wouldn’t marry was “deep dish” or “thin crust”?

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