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Pharmaceutical Companies Pay For Congressman LaTourette’s “Thank” Me Flyer


us_capitol_building_cli_01I’m told by a liberal friend that Congressman Steve LaTourette, Ohio’s 14th Congressional District, is almost “one of the good guys.”

I must admit to being skeptical.

In the last couple of weeks, a barrage of TV spots have been airing that asks the viewer to call and “Thank” Congressman LaTourette because “11 million children now have health insurance.”

These ads are based on LaTourette’s vote of yes on the “S CHIP” bill that passed earlier this year, tho more money will be added to the program by the “stimulus package”, which the Congressman voted no on.

The web site The Hill, 2/11/09 posting, said of the Congressman, “LaTourette. He’s a deal maker, but he doesn’t quickly agree to deals.”

Recently, two flyers arrived via US mail at our “household.”

Both were addressed to Bob, who by the way is the only Independent in the house, since I’m obviously an active “Progressive Democrat.”

Each of these flyers urged the recipient to call to “Thank” the Congressman for his vote of yes and the passage of the “S CHIP.”

Both Bob and I are avid readers, even to the fine print, in this case the “political disclaimer” at the end of the ad.

Tho both flyers had two separate groups of “paid for” there was one group that stood out and was on both, “America’s Pharmaceutical Research Companies.”

“Drug” lobbyist money sponsoring a “Thanks to” piece of “political” propaganda does make me even more skeptical of the so called “good guy.”

One side note.

On the Congressman’s web site, he is touting the COPS program and the “good the money”, which is coming from the stimulus package, will do the District.

Just one question. If you feel that it will do the District “good”, then why did you vote “NO” on the bill?

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  1. bindas permalink
    03/07/2009 11:28 pm

    Mr. Latourette is no friend to us. It is amazing that he continues to win elections. His vote for the last eight years, is what organized Labor considers the “safe” vote. In other words if the vote comes down to the wire and the REpublicans need his vote to pass the piece of legislation, he would vote with his party, not his constituents. If it were an issue that had no chance of passing, he’d vote with Labor.
    Everyone held him in glory when he voted for the Steel tariff..won re-election, than the very next month, Bush decided to remove the tariff on Steel..guess who’s vote was the deciding factor??

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