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“A Bible In One Pocket And The Constitution In The Other”


shape-writing_fabien_udr_01Since yesterday’s posting of my thoughts on the Colorado State Senator, who thinks “gays and murderers” are the same, it has had the most hits of any recent posting on DTD, and that within an hour.

One person left a comment and I enjoyed his input as well as his lack of personal attack, which many do, in trying to make their point.

Another reader, who knows me, was kind enough to send me a site that I have, for to long, neglected. The Organization is called Soulforce.

Since many who oppose “gay rights” quote scripture in defense of their position, I simply ask you take the time to read the Soulforce link above.

For those of you who support the “civil rights” for the LGBT Community, this site is a wonderful way to realize Christ’s love for us all.

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