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Shouldn’t Limbaugh’s Name Be Added To Fonda And Penn?


flag-c1Jane Fonda’s return to Broadway has brought the 60’s back to the present with Viet Nam Vets demonstrating against her presence on the “Great White Way” and still calling her a “traitor.”

Joe Scarborough lost his “cool” on Morning Joe, the day after Sean Penn won the Best Actor Award at the Academy Awards, ranting over Penn’s political stands against the war in Iraqi and his support of Hugo Chevez.

In a post on Dare To Dream, I discussed the concept that one has to separate the “art” from the “politics” and had a commenter tell me I was “un-informed.”

Tho I never like Charlton Heston’s stand with the NRA, I enjoyed his films and the same with John Wayne, for the Quiet Man is one of my favorite movies.

I will also point out to my “critic” that America has backed and supported many a “dictator” over the years when it served our purpose as a Nation.

When I came back from the Viet Nam War in January of 1970, I found myself actively taking a stand against the war.

My father, a WWII Vet, Truman Democrat and Isenhower Republican, was very upset over that fact, but to his credit and to the furthering of my growth as an adult, his stand was simple, “You’ve been there and have earned the right to say what you feel.”

My father, like many Americans, came to be against the “war” after the Kent State “shootings”, where I found myself ten feet from the “Guard” as they fired.

During the last eight years we have heard the right-wing state, “If you don’t support the Iraqi war, you’re against the troops.” “If you’re not for the war, you’re un-American.”

But alas, the Nation spoke in one voice and said “No more! We are for America, we are for the troops but we are against the war in Iraq.”

Now that brings me a long way to my point.

Recently Rush Limbaugh stated he “hopes the President fails.”

Isn’t this “un-American?” For if the President fails, we all, as Americans fail.

Isn’t this “against the troops?” For if the President fails, the troops fail too.

Isn’t this a “traitorous” remark or is it only the “left” that can be traitors?

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  1. llabesab permalink
    02/26/2009 10:50 am

    You may have enjoyed Charlton Heston and John Wayne despite their opposing views, but at least they were very good actors and Aesops Fables did not apply to them as in, “..Birds of a feather flock together,”–Sean Penn/Hugo Chavez; Jane Fonda/North Korean Killers.

    And as to Rush Limbaugh, what’s different when he says “..I support the USA but hope the President fails”, as compared to the rant, “,,we support the troops but don’t you dare vote for a military appropriation in the Congress?” And when a Durban refers to US Troops as “rapists..?”

    May be you should ask “Global Warming Al” whose ox is being “GORED.”

  2. 02/26/2009 10:04 pm

    I will also point out to my “critic” that America has backed and supported many a “dictator” over the years when it served our purpose as a Nation.
    Just have to say, absolutely, to that statement. As for Congress not supporting the troops. I paid careful attention to all the hullaboloo at the time. There was plenty of appropiated money for the troops. Congress, as I understood the situation, simply wanted the money alraeady appropiated to be used first. Bush has other uses for it, or so it appeared.

  3. 03/04/2009 5:06 pm

    As usual, I’m a tad late with this comment. Crazy busy life. The day this blog post came out, I hosted karaoke and partied at one of our local bars with dozens of right-wing republicans, each more vulgar in his comments regarding the current president than the last. I also have a lot of acquaintances who drink too much, use marijuana, and are heterosexual. I also hang out with numerous friends who have really small penises. So much for Aesop and his “birds of a feather . . .” fable.

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