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“Morning Joe” Homophobia Or “Right Wing” Patriotism?


cinepresa_architetto_fra_01Listening to Joe Scarborough this morning, on “Morning Joe”, I wonder if it was his “Homophobia” or “Right Wing” patriotism showing when he attacked Sean Penn as being the winner of the Best Actor Award at last nights Oscars.

His comments had the “hue” of the 1960 attacks on Jane Fonda when she went to Hanoi during the Viet Nam “War.”

Scarborough almost lost his composure while describing Penn’s past trip to Iraqi and the Middle East as an “anti-war” advocate.

Briefly Joe touched on the start of Penn’s acceptance speech about “Commie…” but seem to shy away way from the “…homo loving bunch…” part of that speech.

Maybe that was somewhat uncomfortable and it was safe to attack Penn’s patriotism more than the role of Harvey Milk and the subject matter of the movie.

It amazes me that the “far right” wants the general public to separate, let’s say pastors who preach in the pulpit but then spout off on political matters, with the comment that one is personal and the other professional.

Well the same can be said for artist, singers and actors that join in the political debate. We need to separate their “art and craft” from their personal lives and belief.

I never liked Charlton Heston’s or John Wayne’s politics but I did enjoy their craft as actors.

So Joe, is it Sean Penn’s anti-war politics that bother you, or is it that GLBT “civil rights” are now taking the forefront in the political arena?

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  1. worldrover2 permalink
    02/23/2009 10:00 am

    Apparently, you are either too young or too naive to understand the depth of Jane Fonda’s betrayal. It’s simplistic to say her action in visting the North Vietnamese was just a anti-war statement, it was an act of treason and directly against her COUNTRY. She sat in anti-aircraft gun turrets that were used to shoot at American servicemen and spoke about the prospects of the “cong” being victorious in battle.
    Much the same..Sean Penn, while entitled to his opinion, is acting in conjunction with a despot who’s only aim is to subvert the economic stability of the United States. He is a bully of his own people..and if you know anything about Sean Penn’s past history…so is he.
    Selective memory is a dangerous thing…especially when practiced by un-informed people like yourself.

  2. 02/23/2009 10:18 am

    Thank you for your comment. As one who served four years in the military during the Viet Nam Era (1966-1970) defending peoples rights and their beliefs, I’m neither to “young” or “naive.” I’m proud of the fact that I defended your right to believe as you do. I’m proud of the fact that I defended your right to discuss in open debate. We could have had a good discussion on your comments until you had to revert to the personal jab at the end. Obviously the point of my post was lost on your reading of that said post, eg: separation of craft and politics. After serving and defending your rights I do wonder after your comment, who is “defending mine?”

  3. 02/24/2009 9:41 am

    I hate the word “simplistic.” It’s a word people use to tout their intellectual superiority. Some things don’t require great analysis. Jane Fonda’s trip to North Vietnam was heinous. I was just a child then, but I remember it and remember my parents’ reaction to it and even remember that in my juvenile mind, I thought it was terrible. That said, she’s a wonderful actress and entertainer. My mother, who literally hates her, uses her workout video to this day. I think the point of Tristan’s post was that being able to separate the value of the actor/actress from his or her political point of view is paramount. I’ve never been a huge Sean Penn fan, but his portrayal of Harvey Milk was brilliant and he certainly deserved that Oscar. Moreover, anytime anyone takes a jab at Joe Scarborough, whose politics and demeanor I detest, I’ll find a way to defend him. 🙂

  4. elecpencil permalink
    02/24/2009 7:28 pm

    I respect Penn for speaking out against bigotry like Prop 8. I also think Venezuela’s Pres. Chavez is helping the poor of his country by using oil profits to benefit them. I guess any Third World leader who doesn’t let his people be exploited by U.S. corporate interests is a despot and bully in some people’s world. Folks like Penn get in a boat and go and rescue people in Katrina. Folks like Rush just trash the poor that drown and trash Penn for wanting to help. People like Penn speak to people like Chavez in a search for the truth. Other folks just accept what corporate owned media and corporate owned despots like Cheney and Bush say about other world leaders.
    Accepting BS and not seeking answers is a dangerous thing…it makes you an mis-informed corporate tool.

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