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“Limburger” Still Stinking The Air Waves


cloud_l2In a report released today, Televangelist Pat Robertson has taken issue with Rush “Limburger” and his statement that “Limburger” wants President Obama and the stimulus package to “fail.”

We applaud Robertson on this fact.

Dare To Dream, in a previous post, discussed the “Limburger” sentiment and won’t belabor the point but there was another part of his statement that is also disturbing.

In voicing his hope of “failure” he pontificated that the “stimulus” package was everything against what our country was founded on (“capitalism”) and that these types of programs (“socialism”) have “never succeeded” and “won’t succeed” but if it does than watch out for the “government control of our economy” and of our daily lives.

He even went on to state that if Obama’s programs work then he (Limbaugh) “would look for property in New Zealand and put my money in Singapore.”

Ok Mr. Limbaugh, let’s look at New Zealand.

New Zealand is a “unitary” state rather than a federation and has a strong Parliament. Regions (states) are created by the authority of the central government, rather than the central government being created by the authority of the regions (states).

Local government has only the powers conferred upon it by Parliament.

Police and Education are run by the central government.

New Zealand has a large scale public works program, compulsory unionism and a public funded health care system with treatment usually free or subsidized.

“Limburger” rants about anything that reeks of “socialism” in the “stimulus package” but he wants the U.S. to fail and is willing to buy property in what has a more “left leaning” tilt than we do…gosh Rush, now I see why several posters on other blogs mention how this sounds “traitorous.”

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  1. 02/18/2009 11:38 am

    over here in the UK, we’re learning all about Limbaugh recently. The conclusion is pretty much unanimous; why does anyone give him any air time? The man is an idiot.

  2. elecpencil permalink
    02/18/2009 6:08 pm

    Tell Rush that under socialism he will be provided Oxycotin free and he’ll get on board the Socialist Express.

  3. 02/21/2009 10:38 am

    If I believed in prayer, which I don’t, I’d pray for that my mind remains alert and questioning. I can always depend on learning something new when logging on to this blogsite. Thank you Tristian

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