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Doing Nothing Than Doing Something For The GOP


flag-cWell the House Republicans again have shown that they believe it’s better to “do nothing” than to “do something.”

The nation should raise their voices high in unison and shout the fact that “obstructionism” is “unpatriotic” and take a lesson from the “Rove” play book, “…if you’re not with us then you’re anti-American.”

Now I must admit that I really don’t believe what I just wrote but I do believe in the sentiment. For 8 years we heard the rhetoric of if you “don’t like what we’re doing than…” you’re this or you’re that.

Making people feel “guilty” and “fearful” was a powerful weapon for the GOP over the last 8 years and maybe, just maybe, the tables should be turned.

I’m sure the Republicans are hoping that they can gain momentum in the 2010 election but I’m concerned that by their inaction now it will be to late then.

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