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Work Is Not A Job And A Job Is Not Work?


cloud_lThere I sat in front of the TV on a beautiful Sunday morning, drinking my tea plus listening to the “talking heads” make the rounds of the “news” shows, when I heard the new Republican National Chairman, Michael Steele, say the most idiotic “gobbledygook” that has been spouted by anyone, besides Rush “Limburger”, on the air waves.

The show was This Week With George Stephanopoulos and the GOP “head” even had poor George reeling from his statement.

In a discussion of President Obama’s “stimulus” bill, Steele said that it was “creating work not jobs.” “We need to be helping the small businessman who creates those jobs for people. Jobs that last.”

George paused and asked, “what, aren’t jobs and work the same?”

Steele than went into a “sermonette” on how “Jobs last and work doesn’t. Work ends and those federal programs will end.”

“Holy Crap” I shouted. People who are unemployed will take the “work” no matter what you call it.

When a National Party starts arguing over whether it’s a “job” or “work” and whether it should be called a “stimulus bill” or “spending bill,” they just don’t get what the November election was all about.

Mr. Steele, you do realize you have “work” and not a “job?” For by your logic, your “work” will come to an end when a new chairman gets elected.

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