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Are My Values Any Different?


shape-writing_fabien_udr_01Recently on one of DTD’d posts, a comment was made, “You do have rights just don’t push your values on my child, dig?”

Well that got me thinking.

What values would I push on anyone?

I believe in the Ten Commandments.

I believe in “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and I believe in render unto “Caesar what is Caesars and unto God what is Gods.”

I believe that “All (humankind) are created equal…” and “Justice for all…” are the cornerstones of life.

I believe that “good” shall conquer “evil” and the “meek shall inherit the earth.”

That “peacemakers” are blessed and “War is hell.”

I believe that hate and humankind’s inhumanity to each other must be overcome.

As I mentally go through many more of what I feel are my “values” I find myself going back to the comment, “…don’t push your values on my child, dig?” and all I wonder is, how different are my values than yours?

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  1. mbarefield permalink
    01/31/2009 9:35 am

    The beauty of having our blogs open for comments is that if we are worthy of expressing our opinions on a web log, the comments will cause us to think about what we have written and examine the place from whence the writing came. We have to expect, though, that people will express opinions in response to our own, which have no basis in fact. I read that comment on your blog, too. The writer’s first sentence was, “You have rights.” We do indeed, but not the same rights as heterosexuals. Therein lies the problem. The “old school” comment about not forcing your values on his/her child was just repugnant to me, which is why I didn’t respond to it. I didn’t feel as if I were in a position to do so (shall we say) gracefully. It’s the old idea, long ago proven incorrect, that gay people (and particularly gay men) are on a recruiting mission. Anytime that I am able to “preach,” as I’m sure you know by now, that homosexuality IS NOT A CHOICE, I do. The part of society that would deny us our civil rights believes, contrary to good sense, that we have “chosen” a lifestyle, as opposed to the truth that we are oriented in mind, body and spirit to be attracted in mind, body and spirit to members of the same sex. You can no more recruit or in any other way influence a child who was born heterosexual to become homosexual than you can sway a rabbit to become a turtle. Now that I’m done ranting, thank you for your thoughtful writing.

  2. 02/01/2009 10:00 am

    Here’s some Sunday “tidbits” for thought: In the Bible there are 6 admonitions against homosexual and 128 admonitions against hetrosexual.

    Bible law states you have the right to own slaves; Civil law says you don’t.

    Bible law states you have the right to stone those who commit adultery; Civil law says you don’t.

    Bible law states that women are property of men; Civil law says no their not.

    Let’s start listing Bible law and how Civil law differ.

    If you’re taking Bible law literally, then you need to take all of it when you argue that homosexuals are an abomination.

  3. 02/02/2009 10:28 am

    This morning in a letter to the editor I read, once again, a reader’s rant deploring the “minorty’s” attempt to remove the name of God from such places as courts of law. She maintained that without a belief in God, the world would be in chaos. She utterly fails to see that much of the world has been, and still is, in chaos because of a mistaken belief in a Mid Eastern, some four thousand year’s ago, some desert nomads dreamed up “God” and then, convinced he was speaking directly to them, attributed to that god their own savage ways and laws. Someday,common sense my prevail, but don’t hang by your thumbs while waiting.

  4. 02/16/2010 9:52 pm

    But GOD does exist. Randomness doesn’t explain the creation and moment by monent re-creation of a highly ordered univerese: advancing by laws with logic (and imbedded option windows for conscious beings to put their spin on events). Randomness does NOT explain how life evolved. A God with a mind and plan does… but he learns and evolves too, and has made some blunders (eg genetically deformed births) and then corrects errors.

    He gave us the universe – discoverable via a “logical” science mentality like God’s – to show his nature and plan for the univerese: competition for space and matter and energy to reproduce our kind versus alien types. All of this fits the basic concept in “Origin of Species” but at that time they missed a lot of the mechanisms, details, assuming no God was needed.
    That was wrong. (Informatin must be input from some ORDERED mentality. See “Information Theory & Molecular Biology” by Hubert Yockey to grasp it, although the full story is bigger.)

    Nature explains much, but not all. To us humans, notably to the type made in his image, he gave explicit instructions, starting with the dialog with Adam, later with Moses, then his perfected son, Jesus Christ – the last (perfected) Adam (I Cor 15:45).

    Jesus got it 100% right, but we do not. Indeed, not long after God displayed himself to Moses and parted the Red Sea, we asked to have human kings and make our own laws. We’re dumb! God decided to punish us a long time period! He lets us run the world as WE want, via our stupid laws, which change, and enslave us (“us” – the Elect, John 17:9, not all humans).
    The result is own downfall and rise of inferior alien types as predicted. (Deut 28, Lev 26)

    Scripture tells us exactly how long is our punishment; it shows when that time started, but NO CHURCH teaches this rightly. And I’ve searched for any that does, now that I know the answer to that riddle and the time of his return to crush manmade regimes, I Cor 15:24-25, Rev 19:11-21. We’re to fight too! (Luke 19:27) He’ll have a new name too! (Rev 3:12) I have been shown what it is! (Churches evade this; they don’t know it. Knowing the New Name of Jesus, I’ve websearched: I found zippo! Nobody knows and publishes it anywhere!)

    I’ll say this: the time of the Second Advent and imposition of a KINGDOM OF GOD”S LAWS, is coming so soon most people alive now will live to see it! WAKE UP! LEARN GOD’S LAWS, all of them. Use them.KEEP HIS SABBATHS, ALL FOUR KINDS OF THEM! Separate from secular law “Babylon” as we’re told (Rev 17:18-19:3) Turn off mainstream media and “education” that will just dull your mind. Turn off unproven (false) statements of human equality “humanism.”
    God is amazing. He is unequal. His ELECT are like him, but immature so far. The universe is like a huge womb and living-room for his family to grow. Earth is the exact womb location. The womb of the Adamic woman is the actual womb for reproducing his kind. (via Adams only!) We’ll travel the universe wth our Captain (Jesus of the new name.) And before the universe ends its designed death, the Children of God will leave for their own universes!

    THEN, if you want a universe of “equality,” you can build that. (But such a place is so deadly boring for you, that you will by that time know exactly why NOT to do that!!!)

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