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Censored Ad To Be Aired


noKABC-TV in Los Angeles says it will air a public service announcement that it initially censored due to what they deemed was too controversial during President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

The PSA will run today during Extreme Makeover: Home Edition at about 9:15pm. Five ads were produced to counter discrimination in the aftermath of the passage of California’s Prop 8, which took away marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples in that state.

John Ireland of, which produced the short PSAs, met with KBAC general manager , along with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, on Friday.

General Manager, Arnie Kleiner, reportedly stated that the station decided not to air any advocacy ads, no matter their content or subject matter. An Ad Executive with the station, in an email rejecting the group’s spot, said it was a “station decision” and that KABC had “no problem airing the spot, but it is a very controversial topic and we reserve the right not to air it in programming that will include large family audiences.”

The ad, which you can view all at the link provided above, features gay and lesbian families and ran in 42 of the states 58 counties during the inauguration. the spots also played during Good Morning America, Today and Despierta America.

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