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Fox’s Kilmeade Says What?


cloud_lSo there I was surfing the early morning “news” shows this morning and I found myself watching Fox and Friends in the Morning…I really never watch this show and now I know why.

As the three hosts were commiserating the fact that the news media didn’t cover George Bush’s arrival in Texas…”they never liked him”…and then Brian Kilmeade said the unthinkable…”yeh, don’t cover the white guy.”

I sat there staring at the TV…”did he really say that” rushed into my thoughts…then I realized, “he did” and the other two hosts just went zipping merrily along.

What a sad state of affairs and they pass themselves off as a “news show.”

Since Kilmeade has a sports background, I wonder if he could get away saying that in a NFL locker room? I doubt it and he shouldn’t be allowed to say it at all.

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  1. elecpencil permalink
    01/21/2009 3:57 pm

    Tristan ~ You misunderstood the whole Fox and Friends Show. It is a satire and some of the funniest stuff on TV.

    I sometimes watch it when I’m getting ready for work. It cracks me up and puts me in a good mood for the day. You didn’t really think they’d actually put a trio that dumb on a real news show did you?

    Well, I guess only FOX would.

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