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Guest Post/Ask Questions Of Incumbents


Dare To Dream is please to have a Guest Post from the Mahoning Valley.

Jim has a “blog” called Elecpencil, which you can find in the blogroll, and is a resident of the Mahoning Valley.

We asked him to give us his thoughts on the possibility of Congressman Tim Ryan running for the U.S. senate.

090806_ybi_check_presentation_0081Ask Questions of Incumbents

When Voinovich was mayor of Cleveland the city schools had a 50% drop out rate. Voinovich said that didn’t’ come under his job. He then had the balls to run for governor of Ohio as “the education governor.” As governor his biggest plan for income was bringing waste in from other states. The states motto almost changed from “the Heart of it All” to “the Dump of it All.” He was a lousy mayor, and a lousy governor so Ohio made him a senator. It doesn’t matter what office he held he has accomplished NOTHING. Obama is now president and we need Voinovich to appeal to Pres. Obama to help Ohio. That might be tough if Obama remembers Sen. Voinovich called him a a socialist. Sen. Voinovich voted to help bailout the banks no questions asked so he is a socialist.

Clinton as Governor of Arkansas had the state 48th and 49th in everything. G. W. Bush as Governor of Texas had the state 49th and 50th in everything. Given that Gov. Taft had Ohio 49t and 50th in everything we should be swearing in President Taft.

I’m saying Americans aren’t very bright when they vote. We tell our children to be the best they can be and they’ll be recognized for their effort. Yet, we vote over and over again for incompetent or corrupt politicians. The Governor of Illinois was impeached by a vote of 144 to 1. It took actual tape recordings of his corruption to finally get rid of him. As for the one guy who didn’t think even with tapes the governor was guilty I’d say he needs investigated.

If we wanted someone who their whole life has done everything to help his fellow citizens have better safer lives we’d be swearing in President Nader. Seriously, would you rather have a consumer activist like Nader for a son or a frat boy, alcoholic, mean spirited corporate tool like G.W.? If you have half a brain I’m sure you’d rather have Nader as a son. So why not vote for someone like Nader instead of G.W. for president? The president is called, the father of our nation so it’s time to think about voting for someone who has the same values of a parent as you do.

As for Rep. Ryan running for senator I have had a lot of folks tell me about all the good he has done for the area. I agree with some of those people but the questions I have for him are the same ones I’d ask any incumbent.

First off how many family and friends have you got jobs? Also, how many family and friends of yours have got jobs as lobbyists? Those are the type of questions I would like to see more people ask.

In Solidarity ~ Jim Jordan the Elecpencil

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