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Governor Palin, I’m A Blogger And I’m Not Anonymous


alarm_clock_gerald_g_02It’s time that Governor Sarah Palin just stops the “rants and raves”, for her “15 minutes” plus in the spotlight are over.

Clips of her recent interview are plain obnoxious.

The more she keeps this “martyr” syndrome as her defense ,the more she shows her lack of political suave and intense “delusion” of grandeur.

By shifting the blame to Katie Couric, that the problem was in Couric’s questioning of Palin’s knowledge of events…”what papers do you read?”…misses the mark.

By saying that the “main stream media” used “anonymous bloggers” as their sources and that the media is “harder” on her than on Caroline Kennedy, reinforces the fact that she doesn’t read any newspapers or even watch the “news” shows on TV.

Oh, one fact that Palin is over looking is that she ran on a “National Ticket” and Caroline Kennedy is asking to be appointed as a Senator from New York, not looking for votes from the Nation.

The majority of “blogs” that I read, which were/are critical of the Governor, are hardly anonymous. They took pride in stating their opposition by pointing out her lack of abilities and qualifications to have been Vice President or even President.

This so called “hockey mom” seems more destined to be on the reality TV show, “The Real Wives of Orange County” than holding a national office, even with Ann Coulter’s assertion that Palin is the new “Reagan.”

If Governor Palin plans to lead the Republican Party in 2012, she has a lot of “house cleaning” to do along with crash educational courses in Government, Media and basic Geography.

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  1. 01/10/2009 8:59 am

    You hit it right where it should hurt when you wrote: “The more she keeps this “martyr” syndrome as her defense ,the more she shows her lack of political suave and intense “delusion” of grandeur.
    Ye, gods, how can any thinking voter believe that that coyish, smirking, eye-blinking, egoistic, “gotcha” cutie, could be taken seriously as a possible president, by world leaders? I can’t.

  2. 01/10/2009 9:13 am

    Mary, always find your comments insightful and “right on.” It’s great having your perspective for if I tried to state the same sentiments, I would be labeled a “sexist” by my conservative friends.

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