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Ohio Democrats: Control, Ambition But No Money


12132598371Monday, January 5th 2008, was an exciting day in Ohio, as Democrats took control of the Ohio House.

Even more exciting were the statements of the new Speaker of the House, Armond Budish.

The Cleveland Democrat wasted no time in proposing expanded tax credits and providing cities with more financial help.

Stating that he wants to create a “compact” with Ohio’s cities, he’s offering perks as an increase state share of school construction projects, free broadband services and state income tax waivers for new jobs.

With that ambitious plan all Budish is asking in return is that he wants the cities to participate in state purchasing cooperative and examine ways to regionalize services such as fire and trash collection.

Dare To Dream applauds the “regionalization” concept as we have posted before on these pages.

Budish is right in stating that “The economic strength of our cities affects area far beyond the cities,” but DTD wonders about these plans and the cost, especially in the light that Ohio is broke.

Hopefully the Speakers words are not all “show” and maybe with the new spirit in the Country, and in Ohio, a progressive approach, such as regionalism, can take us out of the “box” and stir the imagination to solve these proposals.

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