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America’s Real New Years Eve In 19 Days


9e8c38-0-b30ef1-0-mainLast night, many of us stayed up to pop open a bottle of champagne, ate the traditional sauerkraut and pork, kissed a love one (or one for that moment) and toasted the future.

It’s been a rough year, in-fact, it’s been a rough eight years.

One would have to had been off the planet, and not in contact with anyone, to see that the nation, and the world, is in despair.

Each New Years Eve “humankind” turns its thoughts to a better tomorrow, a better future, a better chance to succeed.

We tend to be “eternal optimists”, in spite of ourselves, and many won’t admit to that fact, it seeps out at the “holidays”, especially New Years Eve, for we truly want to believe that there is a better place “in the sun” for all of us.

Tho last night was the traditional clock chiming, calendar changing moment when 2009 began, it can really be argued that the “New Year” will actually start on January 20th with the swearing in of President Obama.

I’ve written on Dare To Dream before, that this “child of the sixties”, “dreamer”, “idealist” and believer in a “world at peace”, is excited about the possibility that finally after all these years, the better part of our “nature” will take over and bring civility, order and unity to the nation and the world.

Last night we drank our champagne with hopeful thoughts of the New Year, but I have another bottle set aside to open on January 20th so Bob and I again may “toast” the “New Year” and the “New Future.”

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  1. 01/02/2009 9:05 am

    Tristan, Perhaps it’s because the human spirit needs to believe in something besides reality, that we can envision a change for the better for no other reason than one year fades into history and a new one begins. I lgave up that idea a long time ago. Perhaps, just perhaps, President elect-Obama can, much like Franklin D. Roosevelt, bring this country out of a deep depression, both monetarily and mentally. I truly hope so. Mentally and figuratively, I’ll raise a toast to our new president the day before he takes office. Perhaps Obama can pull this country together instead of dividing it, as did the lame excuse we have had for a president these past eight years.

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