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An OP-ED That Makes Sense of The Rick Warren Invocation Invite


shape-writing_fabien_udr_01Received an early morning e-mail, from my friend Steve, in which was enclosed a link to Frank Rich’s New York Times OP-ED.

This “piece” is the first, of the many that I’ve read, which makes sense on the invitation of Pastor Rick Warren to do the Invocation at next months Inauguration.

It’s a bit lengthy and I would hope you would read it through to the end and then please provide comment here at Dare To Dream.

Dare To Dream has e-mailed Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, openly gay Bishop, and asked his perspective on the Warren “invite” and as of yet has not heard back from the Bishop. I did receive and auto e-mail from the Dioceses Liaison that everyone is out of the office until the 29th of December. We will try again to get a response from the Bishop next week.

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  1. sheerprogress permalink
    12/28/2008 9:25 am

    Thanks for bringing that op ed to my attention (you put that in your blog just for me, didn’t you? – :-). I plan to call attention to it on my website, as well. Rich really articulated the situation clearly, in a very fair and balanced way.

    Sheer Progress

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