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Boxing Day Trip To Warren Ohio


gift05First, Happy Boxing Day to you all.

For those who aren’t familiar with Boxing Day, also called Saint Stephen’s Day, it is a British Holiday that had its start in the Middle Ages with the “gentry” taking all their table scraps from the Christmas feast and giving it to the serfs and peasants in the village.

I traveled to Warren today and visited with a couple of friends over coffee at one of my favorite Warren spots, The Mocha House.

It was like old times sitting and hashing the many “happenings”, and not, that seem to be going on, or not, in Warren. So here are some Boxing Day Tidbits.

I’ll start by saying that I saw, for the first time, the World War II Veterans Memorial and I freely admit that I was wrong in my first impressions (before completion) of this monument.

It is truly a wonderful addition to Monument Park.

Surprised to see that Alasaros (Little Johnnys) had closed and I heard today that Blue Irish was changing their hours beginning at the first of the year to be open only evening times.

With the loss of one eatery, and the other cutting hours, it would appear that there will be limited places to eat on the Square. Both offered the chance to choose between menu and cost depending on the mood.

Of course the big story in the “Trib” today was the water pipe break at the old Job and Family Services Building on South Park. Guess there is truly a Christmas angel and probably will stop any talk about the City buying and using this “white elephant.”

Speaking of the Tribune-Chronicle, it isn’t often that I say I agree with anything on their editorial page, but they took Councilman Bob Dean to task in his effort to bring about a “Sin Tax” to fill the City “coffers.”

Dare To Dream opposed this idea and posted our objections and opposition to such a proposal on April 15th of this year.

Glad to see the “Trib” get on board and I say “Hurrah” to them for mentioning the City’s “chilly” attitude towards businesses. I might add that many people have voiced their concerns over many years about the lack of support and interest shown by the Administration when it comes to “working” with and “supporting” the local business community.

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  1. 12/26/2008 6:19 pm

    I agree with you about the “Tribs” editorial page being the worst. The editor is one anti-union piece of work.

    Their group of syndicated columnists is the worst of any paper I have seen. Only the ‘”Trib” could have two African-American syndicated columnists and have them both be conservative corporate tools.

  2. 12/27/2008 10:47 am

    Jim, I agree with you on your observation about the columnists, both syndicated and local, that write for the editorial page of the Trib. Being a friend of Steve Oravecz, I try not to be bias, but since his leaving the “trib” as political editor and columnist, they don’t have any liberal/libertarian or progress voice.

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