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Whatever Happened To Christmas Day Services?


hairymnstr_nativityThere seems to be hypocrisy involved with many of the Evangelical Churches and the celebration of Christmas.

We hear a lot about putting “Christ” back in Christmas by saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” and the using of X to denote Christ in “X-mas” is just not done.

Evangelicals fight to keep the Nativity on Courthouse Squares and in front of City Halls across the Country but one only has to look at Church listings for Christmas Services to see hypocrisy at work.

Whatever happen to those Christmas Day Services that were celebrated by the “faithful”?

Going through the listings one can see many Christmas Eve Services, and the majority of those don’t even start at midnight, and only a few Masses being performed on Christmas Day.

I remember several years ago when Christmas fell on a Sunday and many Churches had their Saturday Christmas Eve Services but nothing on Sunday. So much for keeping the “Sabbath Holy”.

When I was growing up I remember the Christmas Eve Service as starting at 11pm and ending on Christmas morning with the partaking of “Holy Communion”. After the service we went home to open one gift and then off to bed because it was back to Church at 11am for the Christmas Day Celebrations.

Now it would appear that even Christmas for the Evangelicals has succumbed to that of what is convenient. “All show” and “No go.”

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