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Mound From Nowhere


12132598371Ohio has 70 “Indian Mounds” listed around the State and most of which attract tourist and thereby adding to the economy. Maybe a 71st “mound” should be added.

The controversy over what is being called the “mound from nowhere” is in Macedonia but on the border with neighboring Northfield Center Township.

With the construction on route 8, at the intersection of 271, this “mound” needs to be removed and thereby creating a “mountain” of problems for local officials.

Macedonia doesn’t accept responsibility for the removal and points to the fact that they believe the JEDD, between them and Northfield Center, should foot the bill. As a former Alternate member of that JEDD, I totally disagree.

One of Northfield Centers Trustees and Chair of that Board, Paul Buescher, is strongly fighting against any of Northfield Center resident’s money being spent on the removal project. Dare To Dream commends him on his fight, tho we don’t agree with some of his reasoning for that fight (problem existed before Board took office) but support him on his stand of not spending Northfield monies.

It’s a shame the other two Northfield Center Trustees shy away from the “mound” issue.

If Macedonia doesn’t want to shoulder the responsibility for a problem that is in their domain, and not of Northfield Center Township’s creation or involvement, they might want to consider several other options.

First, open it up to the public, those who need fill, to come and remove at the expense of the remover.

Secondly, tell the State that it’s an old Indian “burial mound” and turn it into a tourist attraction.

In each instance, they can “pawn” off their problem, for it’s obvious that they won’t take the lead to solve the situation between them and contractors hired to do the work which created the “mound” in the first place.

Macedonia, and the other two Northfield Center Trustees, can learn a lesson from Buescher, public service means serving the public.

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