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The Fighting, The Bickering, Always At This Time of Year


theresaknott_hollySometimes you wonder why have a relationship?

This year the question is even stronger. Does a “mix” relationship work?

The long hours of bickering, the endless fighting about who’s better, who’s done more and who’s really the best.

God, it’s been intense this year and gets worse each day as we “march” closer to the Holidays and the New Year. You feel like you want to just “dunk” it all.

Last night I may have gained some breathing room and maybe some quiet time for the Cav’s ended their 11 game wining streak and my Celtics are 22-2 and have won their last 14 games.

This year the rivalry in the “family” is even stronger as both Cleveland and Boston seem playoff bound. The night Boston beat Cleveland, when they first played this season, it was one a “mixed’ relationship hates to have happen.

Not to say I “gloated” after the game but I do think I “smirked” and got caught.

Our trouble is that after basketball there’s baseball and heaven forbid the Red Sox are on the tube, and not the Indians, because you’ll find me sitting alone.

Then comes football, you guessed it, Browns vs Patriots and it doesn’t just stop at pros, Ohio State (me), Ohio University (him).

Really the rivalry does make the relation stronger, more interesting and I wouldn’t change a thing, since I tend to come out on top, but until that ends, I thank the sports gods that I can watch the Bruins in peace and hope Cleveland doesn’t bring back the Barons.

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  1. 12/15/2008 11:07 am

    Best of luck with the rivalry that you are experiencing. Of course most partners do not care about sports at all so you have that advantage.

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