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Traficant Release and Job Opportunities?


1213259837It would seem that MSNBC has ranked the top ten most corrupt States and Ohio came in 6th, right behind Illinois.

The last two nights they brought up the various politicians from the top ten States that have gone to jail and of course they showed the 17th Ohio District’s James Traficiant, bad hair day and all.

This morning I got an interesting email and I think it might make for a fun post and game. So answer the questions by way of comment and we will see who hits the mark.

“Okay folks–the big question here:

Since Jim Traficant’s release from prison is imminent, how long do you suppose it will be before he begins to run for office?

Which Office?

Will he win?

What will be the point spread?”

And I’ve added this finally question: Think he’ll get rid of the wig or is it his own?

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  1. DaVinci permalink
    12/18/2008 11:01 am

    Personally, I think he will run for the first office available, and probably win. Ryan may be going for a seat in the senate, and leave the 17’th open. Jim could very well be our next congressman. Hopefully he keeps his trademark muskrat he likes to wear on his head.

  2. ahrcanum permalink
    01/13/2009 7:32 pm

    Why would he run? He has nothing to gain. He already has his retirement. I could see a book here……

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