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Anita Bryant in White “Bucks”


microphone_saul_albert_011Recently Newt Gingrich spouted off that “gay” demonstrations across the country, because of California’s “Prop 8″, were associated with violence and motivated by fascism.

Now enter the 1950’s singing icon, Pat Boone.

On December 6th, Mr. Boone posted an article on-line for the WorldNetDaily entitled “Hate is hate, in India or America.”

The lengthy posting can be summed up by his statement: “Have you seen the awful similarity between what happened in Mumbai and what’s happening right now in our cities?”

Then he reaches the “meat” of his attack with, “Oh, I know the homosexual ’rights‘ demonstrations haven’t reached the same level of violence, but I’m referring to the anger, the vehemence, the total disregard for law and order and the supposed rights of their fellow citizens. I’m referring to the intolerance, the hate seething in the words, faces and actions of those who didn’t get their way in a democratic election, and who proclaim loudly that they will get their way, no matter what the electorate wants.”

Hmmm …

The electorate in some states “mixed marriage” was unlawful until 1969, and it was the “courts”, not the electorate, that changed that concept.

Mr. Boone, what would you say about the Women’s Suffrage march of 5000 women in 1913, which was a total disregard for the law at the time. They were angry as they vehemently protested for the right to vote. Were they wrong because the “electorate” didn’t give them that right?

Many of those women went to jail for their belief, but would you still have them subjugated to men because the Bible says they are?

What would you say about the 20,000 WWI veterans and their families, who marched on Washington in the “Bonus Army” seeking advance payment of bonuses? Several were killed. Would you call them “jihadists.?”

You state, “Slavery was abolished, blacks and women obtained the right to vote…” and in most cases it was because of demonstrations. Would you still support slavery because the Bible says it’s OK?

You say that “marriage is not a government creation,” but I think the facts show otherwise. Marriage is still considered to be a civil contract first. Religion is optional. It does not take a priest or minister to get married. Ask any mayor.

I believe that you will find that there is more hate against “gays” then there is of “gays” against the establishment. Many people have lost their life due to “gay bashing.” Has anyone been killed when “gays have demonstrated for their civil rights.

Mr. Boone, while I disagree with most of what you say, I agree with one statement, “Hate is hate, no matter where it erupts.” Even from a ‘50’s icon.

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  1. 12/09/2008 1:04 pm

    Interesting post!

  2. 12/10/2008 11:42 am

    to all those who fail to see that it is only by rebellion that such rights as the right to vote, the right to sit in a restaurant of choice, stay overnight at the lodging of one’s choice, or the right to marry dispite color diffrences and so on was won, nothing but rebellion, uprisings and protest marchers are going to clear the path for the right of the same sex to marry. Marriage is not a word confined to the legal union of a male and a female in legal wedlock. It is the coming together and the merging of any two compatible substances. And what is more merging than two people who love each other?.

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