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Barking Over Cost of Dog Licenses


shadow-6weeksThere seems to be some “barking” over the announced increase for “dog tags” in Summit County.

In reading a post on NS7, a open community forum/newsletter for Northern Summit County, a local resident sees the increase in licenses as tantamount to the Revolutionary War and “taxation without representation.”

In paraphrasing President Reagan with “…tear away this tax” and then encourages dog owners to “hide your dog! Don’t pay the tax”

He finishes his statement with “It is time this bloated council quit their tax-and-spend actions and tighten their belts like the rest of us.”

As a dog owner who has lived in several counties throughout Northern Ohio, I find the increase rather reasonable.

Trumbull County has been $14 for several years; Wayne County $14; Cuyahoga County is $16; Portage County adjusted there tags from $10 to $12 on December 1st with Stark and Medina having $12 tags too.

In trying to find when the last increase was administered in Summit County, I dug out the 16 years of “tags” I bought for my late Siberian Husky, Sofia. From 1992 until 1999 her tags were $6 dollars and then an increase of $2 (two dollars) in the year 2000. She passed away in May of this year.

Seven years at $6 dollars, along with eight years at $8 dollars, is not enough to jump on a horse to spread the word that “the British are coming!”

Next week we add the newest member of our family, Sofia’s Shadow, and I  feel that the increase in her license is fair for there are more pressing problems in our economy to “Bark” about, like taking a “Bite” out of the rising price in milk, bread and eggs.

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