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Sucker For A Good Quote


cloud_lI must admit, I’m a “sucker for a good quote.”

My library is “chock filled” with books that just deal with inspirational quotes, poetry and “words of wisdom.”

Then add to that my many books, with “dog eared” pages, marking the places where I found “pearls” of thought and profoundness.

I even have friends that send emails ending with special quotes.

When I receive their emails I read them and then stop to glance, relish and savor the “tidbit” they took the time to add to their own words. Each I view as tho never spoken before and never to be heard again.

One of my friends even sends out a daily email just with a special quote that he has felt relevant to the morning and the “struggle” ahead. I find myself waiting, like a child at Christmastime, with anticipation until the email arrives in my in box and I open it with as much furor as tearing off the wrapping of a present.

Thanks Don, I appreciate the fact you include me in those emails.

When I started in college, back in the mid 60’s, I would get the local Barbourville Kentucky newspaper and then search the pages for a small section with, what I thought looked like a circuit rider, and there read that special thought for the day.

The very first quote I remember from that column was simple. I read and re-read until I finally cut it out and posted it on my bulletin board next to my dorm room desk: “I intend better than I tend.”

Oh what a “gem” and ever since that small little statement came into my life, I’ve been “hooked.”

I do have my favorites such as the quote often attributed to Robert Kennedy but really belonging to Bernard Shaw: “Some men see things as they are and ask why, I dream things that have never been and ask why not?”

Dickens always provides me with inspiration every time I read and re-read his works. How can one not be moved by “…and mankind should have been my business.”

I’ve even included a special place on my “google home page” that changes at intervals and thereby “pricking” the imagination at will.

Their everywhere, these “gold mines” of words and thought, from Proverbs to the classics; from politics and religion to the comics; from the sublime to the mundane, there’s a quote for all to relish, ponder and learn.

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