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light_bulb_karl_bartel_01Many times in discussion, I half jokingly propose that America modify and model its election style after the British Parliamentary system.

In that system, you know who the leader of the “party” is and that party must have a majority in Congress for that person to be President. This person would also have to win his seat in Congress to become President but that’s not the part I like the most, tho it only takes the “Brits” 6 weeks to elect a Parliament and Prime Minister to what took us over two years to accomplish.

The main part of the process I think is intriguing is the opposition’s “Shadow Government”.

During this transition, I’ve heard many a pundit ask, “Whose running the Government?”, as we seem to drift in economic woe of a “lame duck” Presidency.

Over the last week, we have seen the new President Elect hold almost daily press conferences and unveil different advisory committees with oversight commissions, which has affected the day to day Wall Street activity, more than “Bush’s” ramblings in the “Rose Garden”.

Now here’s where the “Shadow Government” plays a role.

Whoever is in “power” has their “Secretary of State, Treasury, Defense” and so on, but the “Party” out of power has its person who would be monitoring that Cabinet post and in fact proposing the “oppositions” policies and proposals. In other words a “Shadow Secretary of State” etc.

This way, the difference between the two (or if we ever have a strong third party) are instantly known and able to decipher, such has been the case during this last week with Obama and his “transition team” being able to get their message out in this economic crisis.

This idea has a lot to still work out but the concept for me is one that would add to the oversight of those in control.

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  1. 12/03/2008 9:49 am

    I’m with you. America should modify the manner in which we choose our presidents. I realize the enormity involved, but I strongly believe that each and every voter—absolutely no exceptions—should be required to take some kind of intelligence test to determine the voter’s ability to vote intelligently. Of course, that is not going to happen; it would deprive us “pundits” of something to talk or write about every four years.

  2. deadmanscurve permalink
    12/08/2008 12:15 am

    It would be refreshing to shorten the typical campaign and reduce the extravagant expenditure. It’s less clear that such a change would make vulnerable the current two party system.

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