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Happy Thanksgiving


johnny_automatic_turkey_1From this small corner of the world in Northeast Ohio, Bob and I, along with our “family”, Snowball, Moses, Teatro and Shadow, we wish you Bounty, Joy and Love on this Thanksgiving Day.

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  1. 11/28/2008 12:38 pm

    Tristan, In lieu of a personal response, I want to share with you a poem that is self explanatory. If I had your email address, I could send it to you. I trust this will do.
    My good friend, fellow-poet and musician, Abe Dewhirst passed away many years ago. This poem was written for his lover and friend, Bob.
    Mary A. Gallagher Kaufman

    Abe, Dewhirst, Harrisburg, Pa.

    Then shall I proclaim to all men, in my joy: “Truly, have I made my choice.
    My body and my spirit sings in a wilderness whose barreness holds no fear for me.
    Apollo bathes my soul in light.
    Before the night returns, Diana, refreshened from the hunt,
    rises once more to the moon and Luna
    emerges victoriously.
    It is then I walk in harmony with my sister and listen while she instructs me.
    I am no longer lost
    in wondering pathways, vague and erring.
    Behold, his fairness is as the flower
    or the rain-swept valley
    whose radiant beauty delights those who draw near.
    His spirit knows gentleness and peace
    as the dove, whose gray-downed wings
    spread easily upon the soft winds from the south.
    Kindness shines in his eyes
    as the stars that pour forth their hopeful rays
    to a troubled and weary night-world.
    His love is all-encompassing,
    as the air, pure and exhilarating
    that breathes its life-giving fragrance
    into the souls and nostrils of soiled humanity. . .
    and refreshes.
    My beloved and I have walked in the light and have rejoiced!
    Darkness has come upon us
    in our apartness
    and we have each groped through the maze
    of understanding and hope.
    Consoled are we, knowing
    that someday we shall again walk together
    into the eternal sunlight of God’s day!

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