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Sofia’s Shadow


dog-picI’ve been a little neglectful in posting this week as we are readying the house for a new member of the family.

As many DTD readers are aware, our beloved Sofia passed away in late May, almost 16 years old, and took a toll on our emotions.

In many ways I felt as devastated as was one of my favorite writers, TH White, in the loss of his “beloved Brownie.”

“Brownie, I am free of you!
Who ruled my heart for 14 years!
O Freedom, all begun anew,
O ice block heart, O tears!

My gentleness, my trustfulness,
My looker-up, my life,
My coward who leaned on my care
In vain, my child and wife.

My mother with the golden pelt,
Myself with melting eye,
My Brownie rooted in the core,
My hoping lover-lie.”

You can read my Tribute to Sofia on my poetry blog.

Now to bring up the fact that several people, knowing the loss and emptiness in our hearts, have made it possible that there be a new member of the Fott-Hand household.

Her registered name will be Sofia’s Shadow. Shadow for short.

Shadow is now 6 weeks old as of Thanksgiving Day and will join us in another two weeks.

I want to Thank April for the following photo’s which I would like to share.

“Every boy should have a dog to remember as a man and every man should have a dog to bring out the boy.”

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  1. myboofheadboy permalink
    11/28/2008 6:54 am

    She is absolutely gorgeous, may you have many many happy years together, you and shadow.

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