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Open Letter To Newt Gingrich


flag-c4Mr. Speaker, I am a 62 year old openly gay male who finds your assumption that “violent and a fascist” are words to describe gays who want equal rights, offensive.

I served four years during Viet Nam defending and protecting your rights but Sir, who is defending my rights?

Do you actually see lavender uniformed men sitting in a martini bar somewhere, saluting a photo of Oscar Wilde and plotting a “breeder bashing putsch”?

I doubt not and its absurd but if you wish to equate fascism with violence how about “gay bashing” and killing young gay men such as Matthew Shepherd.

My father served in the 8th Army Air Corp and my mother in the WRAF fighting fascism and I think you do them disservice in your assumption.

As a Barry Goldwater Republican, who by the way found no fear of those being gay, believed that the constitution protected the rights of “all” Americans.

If the Republican Party, or “third party”, returned to “small government, less taxes and staying out of people’s private lives” concept, you would find a resurgence in the “party.”

You talk about “religion” as tho America is a “theocracy”. May I suggest you read Stephen Waldman’s book Founding Faith.

Our forefathers didn’t want the government in their religion and they would be appalled that you propose religion in politics.

And not to personally attack you but does your private life meet the “bible” standard that you wish to apply towards gays?

Just one other comment about “faith and religion”, because I don’t feel that’s a legitimate argument on this “civil rights” issue, but you will find that the majority of those who are gay have a deep and abiding faith in God and their Lord.

You see, it’s knowing that “God loves us” and Jesus preached compassion that sustain us in a very hateful society.

I know that you are sustaining the “base” for a “party” that in “social issues” is crumbling and I won’t change your mind in this email but I needed to speak out and so to paraphrase Shakespeare, “…do I not bleed, do I not have breath, do I not have value?”

Thank you and Respectfully,
Tristan Hand

For those wishing to voice your opinion to Newt Gingrich click on

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  1. Bob Hughes permalink
    11/20/2008 3:25 pm


    Excellent letter Brother. Will things ever change??

    I too served and feel unappreciated.

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